The Investment Clock Book

Understanding the Investment Clock by Rod North

This is not just another book on personal finance or sharemarket advice. This book provides a timely and powerful strategy to guide you on your road to sharemarket and investment success, it’s called The Investment Clock.

Understanding The Investment Clock – Your Road to Recovery sets the scene for your wealth creation by demonstrating that when a Global Financial Crisis occurs, it doesn’t have to be all about doom and gloom, it’s about opportunity. Falling markets mean falling prices – which is good news for investors. The key is knowing when to strike and The Investment Clock will help you to pinpoint your entry point.

Understanding The Investment Clock – Your Road to Recovery is the result of a lifetime of Rod North’s investment experience. For over 25 years he has held leading roles in the financial services industry. He has lived and breathed seven ‘bull and bear’ markets since the 1980s and commenced his first share portfolio when he was only ten years old. As an investment expert he has often looked to The Investment Clock to work out what he should do with his money next and to guide him through the investment maze of opportunities.

The strategy for your investment success is straightforward:

  • Understand The Investment Clock
  • Utilise that knowledge to determine when the best time is to invest in the sharemarket and other asset classes
  • Capitalise on an opportunity of a lifetime!

Whether you are a first time investor or long time sharemarket enthusiast, Understanding The Investment Clock – Your Road to Recovery will act as a critical tool for guiding you on your journey to sharemarket and investment success.

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“I must say I have read your book over and over again, Fantastic!! One of the great books I have read.”
Sav Catanzariti August 2015