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Media Release: Start The New Financial Year With myprosperity.com.au

Posted on June 17th, by Bourse Communications in News and Announcements. Comments Off on Media Release: Start The New Financial Year With myprosperity.com.au

myprosperity.com.au is a simple financial solution that allows users to manage their finances, including loans, repayments, budgeting and valuations, with live feeds from the ASX, Redbook, Yodlee and RP Data, all via a secure online portal.

Accountants and business advisers, PKF Sydney and the Spring Financial Group, use myprosperity.com.au software, along with many other financial planners and accounting groups; who are now calling myprosperity.com.au the new Xero or Class.

Keith Cullen, Founder & Managing Director at Spring Financial Group says:

“The myprosperity platform is the most effective client-engagement tool we have encountered.

“From a technology and service offering perspective it leads the world.

“Its open-architecture, enabling clients to link accounts from literally thousands of different financial institutions seamlessly, places it streets ahead of traditional “custodial” platforms. Its transaction tagging and integrated document signing improve business efficiency and most importantly client feedback has been 100% positive. They love it.”

myprosperity.com.au is considered the ideal solution for accountants and financial planners as they work to keep clients by exceeding generic online tool capabilities through secure links to personal information and by providing free reports, valuations, personalised tools and creating goals that can be tracked. myprosperity.com.au provides a complete wealth management solution for the financial advisor.

myprosperity.com.au is a growing … Read More »

The Investment Clock – Where Are We?

Posted on March 12th, by Bourse Communications in Blog. Comments Off on The Investment Clock – Where Are We?

Are we heading towards the Boom Phase?

The Australian sharemarket is putting in one of its best years yet with the All Ordinaries Index currently at 5,819 and looking to power up over coming months towards 6,000. Improving company earnings and another interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank to a 2% cash rate is likely to be a further trigger to send the index higher. We don’t actually reach the Boom Phase until we surpass the all time market high.

To understand the process, let’s go through one full cycle.

At 12 o’clock, it is boom time. At 1 o’clock interest rates are rising. By 2 o’clock share prices start to fall and by 3 o’clock commodity prices are decreasing as unemployment levels begin to increase. From 5 o’clock, real estate begins to feel the pinch and at 6 o’clock the country is in the grips of recession. At 7 o’clock the United States Federal Reserve and Reserve Banks around the world begin to cut interest rates to kick-start economies and by 8 o’clock share prices begin to rise. Commodity prices perk up at 9 o’clock. Between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock … Read More »