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Bourse Communications is an award winning Investor Relations and Communications firm.
As one of Australia’s most progressive and innovative Investor Relations and Communications firms, we offer a wide range of public relations and investor relations services. Whether you are a start-up or a listed company we can help you build your profile in the media and manage your relationship with the investment community. In our eyes, no company is too small for media coverage and we can get your story out to the people that matter. If you’re looking for someone to communicate with prospective investors or shareholders, liaise with the media and promote your company we are the right agency for you.

Founder and Managing Director of Bourse Communications, Rod North, has many years of financial markets experience. He founded Bourse Communications in 2005 and he has been working with the financial press since the early 1980s.

We communicate to the sharemarket in a language that the market understands. We believe that the key to getting the attention of media and investors, boosting liquidity and ultimately enhancing your company’s share price is to deliver a consistent, clear message.