Media Release: Digital Engagement in COVID19 Environment Drives Demand for Global Health Ltd’s Lifecard Patient Portal

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Key Highlights

  • Demand for Lifecard Patient Portal quadruples due to COVID19
  • Accelerated rollout expected to deliver $600K in recurring subscriptions over the next 18 months
  • Lifecard Patient Portal empowers consumers and doctors to better manage the healthcare process
  • Digital Engagement in healthcare is fast becoming the norm

Global Health Limited’s (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health”) Lifecard Patient Portal, (, is experiencing strong demand as Health Delivery Organisations across Australia embrace digital engagement with their patients.

Global Heath’s Lifecard Patient Portal was “soft-launched” over 36 months ago with deployments in three customer sites. Since the onset of COVID19 nine months ago, a further 12 portals have been commissioned. The current take-up extrapolates to a recurring revenue stream in excess of $50K per month within 18 months.

COVID19 has visibly accelerated demand, with Healthcare providers seeking accurate and current health information from patients to improve productivity, efficiency and overcome patient frustration of “telling their story” over and over again.

Re-keying patient information is a common source of error. Global Health’s Lifecard Patient Portal is embedded with industry-standard ReferralNet Secure Messaging which enables data collected on digital forms to seamlessly integrate directly with provider clinical systems thus eliminating any potential re-keying or transcription errors from the manual handling of patient data.

Patients complete their preadmission, registration and on-going assessment forms online. These are securely sent directly to their provider’s clinical application using the Government-approved Secure Messaging protocol. Patients can save their health information in their Lifecard Personal Health record and are thus empowered to pro-actively manage their healthcare.


When patients create a Patient Portal account to complete their details, a Lifecard Health Record account is automatically created. Clinical and lifestyle information is stored within Lifecard which is particularly valuable for providers working with patients living with long-term conditions.

Key medical records, observations and measurements can be monitored and tracked within a patient’s Lifecard to encourage positive behaviour change.

Lifecard’s current focus is helping people living with long-term conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or those consumers actively involved in sport, pregnancy or those over 60 years of age.

Global Health’s Managing Director Mathew Cherian said:

“Global Health is constantly looking to enhance the doctor/patient experience and improve healthcare provider productivity and efficiency, while ensuring that patients do not get lost in administration and paperwork when seeking help for their health conditions and medical issues.”

“The additional cost of the Lifecard Patient Portal will generate immediate financial returns for our Provider customers through time saved, reduced errors, and accurate patient health and financial information into Provider clinical systems. The bottom- line results are extremely compelling for healthcare providers.”

About Global Health Limited

Global Health (ASX:GLH) is a leading provider of Digital Health solutions to the Australasian Healthcare Industry. Innovation, consumer-centricity and connectivity are the foundations of the Company’s vision of ‘Connecting Clinicians and Consumers.’

Global Health helps streamline the delivery of healthcare services and provide better health outcomes across various health sectors, including acute and community settings.

Global Health offers a range of solutions to help health businesses be more efficient and deliver excellent patient care. These include electronic medical records for health delivery organisations, client management systems for community health, patient administration systems for hospitals, practice management systems, secure messaging for connected care, patient engagement platforms and consumer health records.

Find out more about Global Health Solution’s at or visit any of the product websites.

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