Media Release: Skin Elements’ Natural Plant Based SE FormulaTM Successfully Tests Against Feline Coronavirus, a Surrogate of Coronavirus COVID-19

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Skin Elements’ Natural Plant Based SE FormulaTM Successfully Tests Against Feline Coronavirus, a Surrogate of Coronavirus COVID-19

  • Independent laboratory testing of the SE FormulaTM  successfully demonstrates 99.99% effectiveness against Feline Coronavirus, a surrogate of Coronavirus COVID-19

Established Australian natural skin care company Skin Elements Limited (ASX: SKN) (“Skin Elements”, “the Company”), is pleased to advise that its SE FormulaTM, a plant based active formulation has received the results from independent laboratory testing which demonstrates 99.99% effectiveness against Feline coronavirus, a surrogate of Coronavirus COVID-19.  

Skin Elements has utilised its expertise in developing advanced anti-microbial natural skincare formulations to produce the SE Formula TM, which is an alcohol free all-natural  formulation incorporating natural plant based extracts designed to deliver maximum protection whilst addressing increasing concerns about skin sensitivity due to the high repetitive use of alcohol-based sanitisers. 

Testing Results

The independent test results for the SE Formula TM demonstrated a 4-log reduction (99.99% effectiveness).  This means that 99.99% of the virus is killed after exposure to the SE Formula TM.

Log reduction is a common logarithm measure of how thoroughly a decontamination process reduces the concentration of a contaminant. In general, an n-log reduction means that the concentration of remaining contaminants is only 10n times that of the original. So for example, a 0-log reduction is no reduction at all, while a 1-log reduction corresponds to a reduction of 90% from the original concentration, and a 2-log reduction corresponds to a reduction of 99% from the original concentration. A 4-log reduction corresponds to a 99.99% reduction percentage from the original.

Independent Laboratory Testing Process – Obligatory Test Conditions

The Independent laboratory quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area for the SE Formula TM was undertaken to widely accepted European testing standard BS EN 14476, designed to test the SE Formula’s TM efficacy against the Feline Coronavirus.

The Feline coronavirus and COVID-19 coronavirus are both members of the family Coronaviridae which are enveloped and have a positive sense RNA genome.  Coronaviruses have a distinct morphology with an outer “corona” of embedded envelope spikes.  These viruses cause a broad spectrum of animal and human disease.  The feline coronavirus is an acceptable surrogate for COVID-19.

This European standard applies to ingredients used in the medical area in the fields of hygienic hand rub, hygienic handwash, instrument disinfection by immersion, surface disinfection by wiping, spraying, flooding or other means and textile disinfection. This standard applies to areas and situations where disinfection is medically indicated.  Such indication occurs in patient care for example: in hospitals, in community medical facilities and in dental institutions or in clinics of schools, of kindergartens and of nursing homes and may occur in the workplace and in the home.  It may also include services such as laundries and kitchens supplying products directly for patients. 

The testing was undertaken at Microbiological Solutions Ltd (MSL), a leading world-recognised, independent microbiology testing laboratory in the United Kingdom.  MSL holds UKAS accreditation 4045 and certification to ISO 9001:2015.

A sample of the test product is diluted in water and added to a test suspension of viruses in a solution of interfering substance.  The mixture is maintained at one of the temperatures and contact times specified in the standard.  At the end of this contact time an aliquot is taken.  The viroidal action in this portion is immediately suppressed by a validated method (dilutions of the sample in ice-cold cell maintenance medium).  The dilutions are transferred into cell culture units either using monolayer or cell suspension.  Infectivity tests are done either by plaque test or quantal tests.

After incubation the titres of infectivity are calculated according to Spearman and Kaber or by plaque counting.  Reduction of virus infectivity is calculated from differences of log virus titres before (virus control) and after treatment with the product. 

Test Information Summary

Test Scope BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019
Name of Product SE Formula
Period of Analysis 23/4/2020 – 30/4/2020
Manufacturer / Supplier Skin Elements
Identification of Strains Feline Coronavirus, Strain Munich
Test Results Summary 4-log (99.99%) reduction

Regulatory Assessment

Skin Elements is currently investigating the use of the SE Formula in a range of applications for Invisi-Shield Natural Life, and the regulatory requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) with regard to making any product claims.  No product claims or TGA registration applications have been made at this time.

Invisi Shield® Natural Life

Invisi Shield® Natural Life is a natural sanitiser.  It was established in 2017 under the Company’s research program and since then the product has gone into commercial production and launch.  Invisi Shield® Natural Life compliments an extensive suite of natural and organic skin care products that have been developed by the Company since its inception in 2005.

As the Company is not currently making any virucidal label claims about the effectiveness of Invisi Shield® Natural Life , it is not required to be registered by the (TGA) as it is deemed to be a personal cosmetics product which complies with the Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods) Determination 2018.  Production has commenced on this basis and Invisi Shield® Natural Life is now available for direct purchase through the Company’s online store

Executive Chairman Mr Peter Malone said

“These independent test results validate the efficacy of the SE FormulaTM . Our goal is to now pursue the development of all-natural organic, alcohol-free active products that offer a natural solution for protection and control against germs compared to existing products.” 

About Skin Elements

Skin Elements is an ASX listed skin care company focused on the development of natural and organic skin care products, as an alternative to current chemical-based products. It has developed a portfolio of products which includes its lead product, the Soléo Organics 100% natural and organic sunscreen, pawpaw based PapayaActivs natural therapeutic skincare, and the Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics brand. The Company has completed a highly successful test marketing phase in major international markets for Soléo Organics and has regulatory approval with the USA FDA, TGA and other significant regulators. Skin Elements aims to become the number one recognised international natural products brand.

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