Media Release: Global Health Ltd Offers Telehealth Platform To Healthcare Industry For Free To Help With COVID-19 Management

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Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce that it will now offer their telehealth platform HotHealth to all new HotHealth customers while waiving the subscription fee, as hospitals and medical clinics deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time service providers and healthcare providers are dealing with unprecedented events and challenging situations, therefore utilising technology to better communicate and service clients, as well as ensuring businesses continue to run is of great importance.

Global Health’s offer is of particular benefit to General Practitioners (GPs), allied health members and mental health providers who can be reimbursed for the service with the new MBS items added earlier in the month. This allows them to carry virtual assessments and video consultations, with real-time support, which will ultimately result in better patient outcomes.

GPs are generally slow in the uptake of digital services, however a scare like COVID-19 will likely boost the adoption of telehealth services, and Global Health would like to assist with encouraging and enabling the uptake at a time when they need it most.

To date, Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) items for telehealth were generally only available for GPs to provide in remote areas. However with the government’s introduction on 11 March 2020 of new MBS items, GPs can now safely provide their vulnerable and isolated patients with medical consultations through telehealth services and be properly reimbursed, limiting the risk of further infection of COVID-19.

The reliance in healthcare software, especially telehealth, has never been so necessary, and telehealth is one of the main tools to help healthcare providers overcome this pandemic. Service providers need to explore alternative options to a face-to-face appointment, and find other ways to triage visits. Telehealth gives service providers these options. HotHealth is not only a Video Conferencing platform; it also has online appointment, pre-screening forms, community engagement tools, a website and more.

GPs and their clients can access the video conferencing function via their computer, tablet or the HotHealth phone app, and appointments are set up and scheduled the same as a face-to-face consultation, with an allocated time slot and an active link to join the consultation. Once all parties have joined the video conference, they can see and hear each other through the microphone and camera on their devices.

In commenting on Global Health’s offer to the healthcare industry, Mathew Cherian, CEO of Global Health said:

“Global Health would like to support our customers and the healthcare industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in every way possible. Therefore, as of last week we have been offering our telehealth platform HotHealth to all new HotHealth customers, waiving the subscription fee.

“We want to make a positive impact in this difficult time.”
At a time when businesses are not operating in their usual manner, with more and more opting to work from home or self-quarantine, and business as usual is changing daily, HotHealth gives a safe and secure solution to provide continuity of care to patients when they need it from the comfort and safety of their own home

About HotHealth
An online engagement platform to effortlessly connect with clients via a branded website, online appointment bookings and video conferencing capabilities, expanding digital network reach and enabling an exceptional service experience.

About Global Health Limited
Global Health (ASX: GLH) is a leading provider of Digital Health solutions to the Australasian Healthcare Industry. Innovation, consumer-centricity and connectivity are the foundations of the Company’s vision of ‘Connecting Clinicians and Consumers.’
Global Health helps streamline the delivery of healthcare services and provide better health outcomes across various health sectors, including acute and community settings.
Global Health offers a range of solutions to help health businesses be more efficient and deliver excellent patient care. These include: electronic medical records, patient administration systems, practice management systems, clinical records, secure message exchange, patient engagement platforms and consumer health records.

Find out more about Global Health Solution’s at or visit any of the product websites. 

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