Media Release: Brisbane & Townsville Residents Can Now Pledge to Help Provenir Eliminate Live Cattle Transport Prior to Processing

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  • On-farm processing solution to improve animal welfare and progress sustainable farming practices
  • 100% Australian, high welfare raised, low stress handling techniques, free range and grass-fed, no hormones, herd antibiotics or intensive feedlots
  • Brisbane and Townsville supporters can now secure pre-purchase Meat Packs through crowdfunding campaign
  • Original campaign target of $33,000 reached in less than two weeks!
  • New target of $120,000 will mean over 360 households will receive Provenir’s Meat Packs
  • Only 4 days left to pre-purchase Meat Packs through crowdfunding campaign

Provenir Pty Ltd (“Provenir” or “Company”), is thrilled to announce, that in an exciting development, Brisbane and Townsville supporters of Provenir’s goal, to change the red meat industry for the better, can now take part in the final four days of the Company’s highly successful crowdfunding campaign and secure their own pre-ordered, highest animal welfare, Provenir Meat Packs.

Currently every cut of Australian beef is processed in a static abattoir. The consolidation of abattoirs in recent times has required livestock to be transported, often over long distances to the processors. The effect of live transport can reduce yield, increase animal stress and consequently have a negative effect on meat quality. Accordingly, Provenir believes that eliminating the stress associated with live transport to a large fixed abattoir will improve meat quality for the consumer.

Provenir’s goal, to change the red meat industry for the better, means that the Company is working to transform every part of the value chain, from farm to fork. As part of this process, Provenir ensures highest animal welfare by partnering with farmers who share the Company’s values of raising top quality livestock and processing the animal on-farm in order to produce the best quality meat.

The Company will only partner with 100% Australian-owned farms that raise their livestock naturally, with free range and grass-fed conditions and with no hormones, herd antibiotics or intensive feedlots. Cattle must have access to clean drinking water, shelter and shade and be kept within the family herd, with calves remaining with their mothers for a minimum of six months.

Provenir is not breed specific, but instead focus of sustainability by understanding that different cattle are better suited to various conditions and farming models. Provenir’s digital provenance platform tells the story of the partnering farmers so that customers can know from where their food comes.

Chris Balazs, farmer and CEO of Provenir, said:

“We understand that for today’s consumer, knowing the provenance of their food, how it was produced, and whether it meets their personal values, is imperative to their purchasing decision.

“This has been clearly demonstrated in the interest and support that our crowdfunding campaign has received and we thank all our early supporters who have pledged their support in return for being one of the first to try Provenir beef.”

Provenir’s initial crowdfunding campaign target of $33,000 was exceeded within two weeks, with more than 150 supporters pledging to secure the pre-sale of Provenir’s Meat Packs. The Company’s campaign, which was launched 23 April, was initially intended for customers in Victoria and New South Wales. The new target of $120,000, and delivery extended to now included Brisbane and Townsville, will allow Provenir to begin the financing of a new mobile processing unit (MPU) and work towards its ultimate goal of having multiple units in operation to supply on-farm processed red meat across Australia.

With multiple MPUs supplying highest welfare meat Australia-wide, Provenir will have the ability to change the red meat industry and be a true ag-tech disruptor by transforming every part of the value chain, from farm to fork.

In commenting on the crowdfunding campaign, Jayne Newgreen, CMO and co-founder of Provenir, said:

“We want to thank our supporters who have not only been vocal and numerous during development stages of our business but have actively thrown their support behind our crowdfunding campaign by becoming customers and pre-purchasing our Meat Packs.

“Provenir’s crowdfunding campaign is not a marketing gimmick, rather it’s a really important part of our business plan ensures the viability of the consumer driven demand for Provenir’s products.”

Supporters of Provenir’s crowdfunding campaign who have pledged to receive Meat Packs will receive high welfare meat that has been processed on-farm, beginning with cattle from Provenir’s partners in the Victorian Riverina, which will then be transported and prepared at an artisan butchery. Delivery of the pre-sale Meat Packs is expected by the end of July.

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About Provenir
Provenir is an Australian-owned, disruptive ag-tech company, with a collective concern for animal welfare, food provenance, highest quality produce, and nurturing a connection between farmers and consumers.

With this shared vision and commitment, the Provenir team has introduced a unique, highest welfare, on-farm processing that eliminates live transport prior to processing. This award-winning process improves animal welfare, removes transport costs and stress on animals, and in return produces meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness.

Provenir is a fully integrated vertical value chain, from on-farm purchase of livestock and processing in their commercially licensed mobile abattoir, through to artisan butchery, and distributing the packaged and retail-ready Provenir co-branded beef into retail, food service outlets and online sales direct to consumers.

For more information please visit: or to be one of the first to experience Provenir’s on-farm processed beef visit:

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