Media Release: Hydra Light to Eliminate the Use of Single-Use Batteries

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Hydra Light International Limited (“Hydra Light” or “Company”) is pleased to announce its intention to revolutionise the portable power industry with its “HydraCell” fuel cell technology, a fuel cell that generates its own power when activated by dipping it in water. Hydra Light’s products are aimed at reducing the waste associated with single-use batteries and raising awareness of alternative energy solutions.

The Company has developed technology that can harness the electrons liberated from a magnesium anode when immersed in water into a useable direct current (DC) power. The Hydra Light system is a revolutionary technology that creates power using a chemical reaction between metal and water. The HydraCell uses this reaction to efficiently capture electrons released during this process with the water acting as a catalyst to create this reaction once it comes into contact with the HydraCell.
Hydra Light’s innovative and revolutionary technology is perfect for emergency preparedness, disaster relief, NGO and aid agencies, off the grid communities, and lifestyle and outdoor enthusiasts, and then security and military, automotive and marine sectors.

Globally, over 1.3 billion people live without access to electric light. The HydraCell is ideally suited to remote communities, or areas with intermittent traditional power sources. In the event of temporary or long term loss of traditional power due to disaster, the HydraCell provides a real, immediate and cost-effective solution.

The HydraCell has many advantages over other technologies, particularly traditional dry-cell (alkaline) batteries and kerosene, including:

  • Power generation: The HydraCell generates its own power when activated, as opposed to a traditional battery, which stores and releases power
  • Virtually infinite life: The HydraCell has a long, and potentially infinite, shelf life of many decades, before it is activated
  • Long use time: The long use life, once activated in water, is 250 hours, which is comparable to more than 30 AA sized alkaline batteries
  • Environmentally friendly: The materials in the HydraCell are consumed during the life of the Cell and it is fully recyclable, thereby avoiding soil contamination, an issue when disposing of traditional batteries into landfill

In commenting on the Company’s innovative technology, Gerry Comninos, CEO of Hydra Light, said:

“Off the grid, out at sea, or in the face of Mother Nature’s most epic challenges, we know there are times when you need certainty that you have a power source unlimited by shelf life, run time or environmental conditions like available wind or sun.

“Our revolutionary HydraCell technology harnesses the power of water and air to create a chemical reaction and capture the electrons released during this process.

“The result is 30 times more power than a traditional AA battery, and best of all, is fully recyclable, free of toxic corrosive materials, is non-hazardous unlike kerosene, and will dramatically reduce disposable battery waste in landfills.”

The Company has been well capitalised to date and is currently looking to raise up to $5 million through the issue of 5 million shares at $1.00 per share. The capital raised will be used to help grow and expand the Company, and take advantage of business opportunities, as the HydraCell expands its reach.

Hydra Light operates from its Melbourne base, and has offices in the Philippines and in China and has an active presence in the UK, Canada and the USA. Extensive sales and marketing efforts have already been undertaken with 29 containers of product already supplied into Infomercials Inc (USA TV shopping channel), Green Supply (distributor in USA) and Australian distributor, Breon. The Company has a strategic growth strategy currently implemented in the USA and is presently fulfilling production orders for distributors in the UK, China and Australia.

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About Hydra Light International Limited
Hydra Light International Limited (“Hydra Light”) is an Australian public unlisted company. Established in 2014, Hydra Light has developed a unique fuel cell technology that generates its own power when activated by dipping it in water. Branded “HydraCell”, Hydra Light’s fuel cell technology has many advantages over the traditional dry-cell (alkaline) batteries, including a long (potentially infinite) shelf life, is lightweight, has lengthy use time of about 30 times that of a dry-cell (alkaline) battery, and all HydraCell materials are fully recyclable.

The HydraCell generates power to replace disposable batteries, kerosene or candles and generates USB power to charge phones and power USB devices. Good for the environment, a single HydraCell has power equivalent to over 30 premium AA alkaline batteries at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the size and weight. Prior to first use, the Cells will maintain full power for many years.

An Australian company, Hydra Light operates from its Melbourne base, and has offices in the Philippines (for product development and electronics assembly) and in China (for production). The Company also has an active presence in the UK, Canada and the USA.

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