Media Release: Provenir to Eliminate Live Cattle Transport Prior to Processing

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  • Innovative technology to improve animal welfare and progress sustainable farming practices
  • Provides full traceability and guaranteed customer-validated provenance
  • Award-winning ag-tech solution for on-farm processing
  • Created in consultation with on-farm processing world industry leaders, Hälsingestintan
  • Vertically integrated supply chain, from on-farm processing, through to artisan butchering, and sales and distribution

Provenir Pty Ltd (“Provenir” or “Company”) is pleased to announce its intention to revolutionise the Australian livestock industry by introducing a unique, on-farm processing solution that provides the highest animal welfare by eliminating the need for live animal transport prior to processing.

Developed to create innovative ag-tech to improve animal welfare and advance sustainable farming practices, Provenir (formerly known as FarmGateMSU Pty Ltd) is building Australia’s first vertically integrated, commercially licensed mobile abattoir to process livestock at the point of production – on the farm where they were raised.

Currently every cut of Australian beef is processed in a static abattoir. The consolidation of abattoirs in recent times has required livestock to be transported over longer distances to the processors. The effect of live transport can reduce yield, increase animal stress and consequently have a negative effect meat quality.

In commenting on his own experience as a farmer, Chris Balazs, CEO and co-founder of Provenir, said:

“As a farmer myself, I hate loading my livestock onto the back of a truck. I work so hard to get them in top condition only to risk losing it all to a bad trip. I always knew there had to be a better way.

“Mobile processing makes so much sense, for farmers, for livestock and for consumers. It’s the way of the future for red meat in Australia.”

As well as the high welfare of the livestock, Provenir is focused on providing full traceability and true provenance. By processing on-farm and utilising the latest in digital traceability technology, they are able to provide full transparency and guaranteed provenance that is validated by the customer themselves.

To ensure full traceability, Provenir is vertically integrated, with full control of the entire value chain, from on-farm processing in the commercially licensed mobile abattoir, through to artisan butchering, and sales and distribution of the packaged Provenir-branded meat product.

In commenting on Provenir’s customers, Chris Balazs, said:

“We understand that for today’s consumer, knowing the provenance of their food, how it was produced, and whether it meets their personal values, is imperative to their purchasing decision.

“Provenir’s unique on-farm processing is the answer to the rapidly growing market of conscientious consumers. The Company’s technology will eliminate live transport prior to processing and the associated stress on the animal, which will result in meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness.”

To gain inspiration, insight and advice on how to go forward with this innovative ag-tech idea, Provenir looked to the world industry leaders for on-farm processing, Hälsingestintan. Founded in 1999, Hälsingestintan was developed to address the limited range of red meat available in Sweden.

Hälsingestintan founder, Britt-Marie Stegs, is a strong advocate of Provenir and shares Provenir’s vision and concern for animal welfare, traceability and provenance through technology for consumers, and on-farm processing to ensure superior meat quality.

At the 2017 SproutX accelerator ag-tech program, Provenir won both the Judges’ and People’s Choice Awards at a Shark Tank style pitch event in front of a crowd of over 250 investors, the press and agricultural industry representatives.

Provenir also has the backing of former CEO of Melbourne IT (now Arq Group ASX: ARQ), and Board Member of numerous other ASX Companies, Theo Hnarakis, who immediately recognised the potential of Provenir. Theo’s interest in farming, through an investment in a sheep and cattle station 150kms north-west of Broken Hill, meant he understood the industry and could see the benefits of the operation being rolled out for farmers.

In commenting on the benefits of Provenir, Theo Hnarakis said:

“I continue to be attracted to companies that have a disruptive business model, and the potential to make a difference.

“Provenir’s philosophy of disruption of an established industry piqued my initial interest. The vertically integrated value chain model, enhanced animal welfare, full traceability and improved quality of product for consumers confirmed this was more than a great idea.”

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About Provenir
Provenir is an Australian-owned, disruptive ag-tech company, with a collective concern for animal welfare, food provenance, highest quality produce, and nurturing a connection between farmers and consumers.

With this shared vision and commitment, the Provenir team has introduced a unique, highest welfare, on-farm processing that eliminates live transport prior to processing. This award-winning process improves animal welfare, removes transport costs and stress on animals, and in return produces meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness.

Provenir is a fully integrated vertical value chain, from on-farm purchase of livestock and processing in their commercially licensed mobile abattoir, through to artisan butchery, and distributing the packaged and retail-ready Provenir co-branded beef into retail, food service outlets and online sales direct to consumers.

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