Media Release: Rising Stars Of Australian Microcaps To Reveal Why They Will Be The Success Stories Of 2019 And Beyond

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As key event partners, Investor Relations firm Bourse Communications and Fund Services business, Vasco Investment Managers Limited are pleased to announce that The 9th Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference is commencing on Wednesday 17 October 2018. The Conference is being held in Melbourne over two days on Wednesday 17 October and Thursday 18 October 2018 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins in the ‘Arthur Streeton Auditorium’.

The Conference is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive emerging company investment event, showcasing the services, products, strategies and people driving today’s growth companies. The event will provide investors with an opportunity to hear firsthand from the CEOs of 25 of Australia’s leading and dynamic microcap companies, from a varied range of sectors, as they showcase their companies, strategies and people.

Microcap companies provide access to many niche industry sectors, as well as emerging technologies and business areas that are sometimes overlooked by larger companies.

Microcap success stories that have previously presented at the Conference include Vocus Communications (market cap of $2B), Infigen Energy ($550M), Clean TeQ ($372M), Integrated Research ($429M), HUB24 ($831M), and Money3 Corporation ($383M).

At last year’s conference we had 24 listed companies present. Seven of the companies that presented at last year’s Conference outperformed the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index in the year to 30 September 2018. Over the same period, three of these companies achieved returns of over 35%. These companies include HUB24 (46%), Phoslock Environmental Technologies (120%), and Money3 Corporation (38%). Australian Ethical Investment, who we welcome back to present at the Conference this year, achieved a return of 22% over the same period.

We are pleased to welcome back Leaf Resources for the sixth year, Australian Ethical Investment for the fourth year, as well as Actinogen Medical, NOVONIX, Altech Chemicals, XTEK, Phoslock Environmental Technologies, and Genex Power, who are presenting for the second year.

The companies presenting at this year’s Conference include financial services groups (Auswide Bank, Prime Financial Group, Australian Ethical Invesment and Praemium), resources companies (Vimy Resources, Diatreme Resources and Image Resources), a security specialist (XTEK), technology solutions providers (intelliHR and CV Check), biotechs (Actinogen, AusCann, Bluechiip, LBT Innovations and Micro-X), clean-technology companies (Phoslock Environmental Technologies, HRL Holdings, Leaf Resources and Genex Power), food and beverage companies (Clean Seas Seafood and Gage Road Brewing Co), a professional services company (The GO2 People), and materials companies (Altech Chemicals and NOVONIX).

Bourse and Vasco have partnered with The City of Melbourne, marketing communications group Motivo, registry services firm Automic Group, accounting firm HLB Mann Judd, and corporate advisory firm D H Flinders to present the conference in conjunction with association partners the Association of Financial Advisers, Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association of Australia, and the UNSW Business School.

The Australian Microcap Investment Conference aims to act as a conduit and facilitate the sometimes challenging communication process between a company and its stakeholders, which may include shareholders, stockbrokers, fund managers, analysts, institutions, private investors and the business media.

In commenting on Australia’s largest microcap event, Craig Dunstan, Managing Director of Vasco Investment Managers said:

“We are delighted to have secured 27 outstanding ASX listed companies to present as well as key note presentations from Marcus Burns of Spheria Asset Management and David Higgins from Stockhead.”

“This year we have over 400 professional investors, stockbrokers and financial advisers registered to attend. The microcap sector is generating greater interest each year as investors realise the gains to be made by investing in smaller companies.”

The microcap universe comprises over 1800 companies with a market capitalisation of under $300m presenting many opportunities for investors.

Australia’s leading group of emerging ASX listed companies to showcase at this year’s Conference are:


  • Auswide Bank Limited (ABA) Bill Schafer, Chief Financial Officer

Commercial & Professional Services

  • HRL Holdings Limited (HRL) Steven Dabelstein, Chief Executive Officer
  • Phoslock Environmental Technologies Limited (PHK) Robert Schuitema, Managing Director
  • The GO2 People Limited (GO2) Billy Ferreira, Managing Director

Capital Goods

  • XTEK Limited (XTE) Philippe Odouard, Managing Director

Diversified Financials

  • Australian Ethical Investment Limited (AEF) Phillip Vernon, Managing Director
  • Prime Financial Group Limited (PFG) Simon Madder, Managing Director


  • Vimy Resources Limited (VMY) Mike Young, Managing Director

Food & Beverage

  • Clean Seas Seafood Limited (CSS) David J Head, Chief Executive Officer
  • Gage Road Brewing Company Limited (GRB) Marcel Brandenburg, Chief Financial Officer

Health Care Equipment Services

  • LBT Innovations Limited (LBT) Brent Barnes, Managing Director
  • Micro-X Limited (MX1) Peter Rowland, Managing Director
  • Smiles Inclusive Limited (SIL) Mike Timoney, Chief Executive Officer

Household & Personal Products

  • Elixinol Global Limited (ATC) Paul Benhaim, Executive Director


  • Altech Chemicals Limited (ATC) Iggy Tan, Managing Director
  • Diatreme Resources Limited (DRX) Neil McIntyre, Chief Executive Officer
  • Image Resources NL (IMA) Patrick Mutz, Managing Director
  • Leaf Resources Limited (LER) Ken Richards, Managing Director
  • NOVONIX Limited (NVX) Philip St Baker, Managing Director

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

  • Actinogen Medical Limited (ACW) Dr Bill Ketelbey, Managing Director
  • AusCann Group Holdings Limited (AC8) Elaine Darby, Managing Director

Software & Services

  • CV Check Limited (CV1) Rod Sherwood, Chief Executive Officer
  • intelliHR Holdings Limited (IHR) Robert Bromage, Chief Executive Officer
  • Praemium Limited (PPS) Michael O’Hanessian, Managing Director

Technology, Hardware & Equipment

  • Bluechiip Limited (BCT) Andrew McLellan, Chief Executive Officer
  • Parazero Limited (PRZ) Eden Attias, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


  • Genex Power Limited (GNX) Simon Kidston, Executive Director

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The 8th Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference is being held in Melbourne over two days on Tuesday 17 October and Wednesday 18 October 2017 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins in the ‘Arthur Streeton Auditorium’.

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