Media Release: Launches in Melbourne with The Helen Read Collection, valued at $1 Million

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A ground-breaking new Australian online selling platform, (AMS) will launch in Melbourne this Wednesday, 17 October, with the sale of an extraordinary collection of Indigenous art collected by aviatrix Helen Read, while flying small planes to remote communities in far north Australia. The Collection is physically on view at 399 Clarendon St, South Melbourne, Wednesday to Sunday from 18th October for four weeks until 11th November, and online at

With superb provenance from the artist community centres that Helen frequented with her art tours, these works comprise many of the best-know living Indigenous artists. The collection is valued at up to $1 million, so this is a fabulous launch-pad for the new online selling platform.

Australia has a new and ground-breaking art sales platform in Conceived, built and developed in Australia, AMS is unlike any other, in that it provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for sellers and buyers of art, catering for all sectors of the market.

Some of the stand-out features unique features of AMS include:

  • Videos of the artwork to provide a much more honest and revealing buyer experience, where online buyers can see the nuances that previously have only been seen face to face with the actual work
  • An exhaustive artist database for Australian artists from Contemporary to 19th Century, allowing for improved buyer search options, as well as making it easier for sellers posting works for sale
  • A ground-breaking premium feature that captures artists with a greater market track record, while not excluding those artists who are yet to achieve in the art market, making it a much more inclusive experience for all
  • A national program of live pop-up and online exhibition features that allow art dealers to expose their own artists’ works to a broader national audience
  • A large online market that allows artists and collectors to sell and re-sell their works at their true value, without the heavy discounting and limited artist menu that the auction system demands. (Until now, auction was the online viable option for many sellers)
  • No costs incurred for sellers unless the work is sold, and no need to move the works for sale incurring risk and cost
  • A one stop online logistics and delivery system that allows easy door-to-door

In commenting on the launch, CEO and former gallerist, Lee Steer said:

“On behalf of our board of directors, I am delighted to announce the launch of this fabulous new selling and buying platform in Melbourne with the Helen Read collection. We predict that this way of selling will change the shape of the Australian art market, especially for contemporary artists.

“Years of development lie behind this site, and a great deal of thought and planning has gone into it to ensure that it fills the online void for many sellers and buyers.”

About Helen Read

For nearly three decades Helen Read has worked to bring a better understanding of Indigenous art and culture to a wider audience. This awareness contributes to bringing improved conditions and better health to Australian indigenous communities.

Helen’s engagement with the lives, art and culture of Indigenous Australians began in the late 1970s, when, after working in West Africa, she came to Melbourne to further her flying training. She also trained as a midwife in order to use both qualifications for remote area health work.

Working as a nurse and pilot for the Pintupi Homelands Health Service in Kintore and Kiwirrkur – 600km west of Alice Springs – in the mid 1980s, Helen was ‘grown up’ to see Pintupi country, people and paintings by artists and other community members. Flying with Helen, country men and women would show her their country, teaching her to look; really observe and understand what she was seeing.

Comparing her experience of working with people in Pintupi country to working with people in West Africa, – health conditions in Australia being far worse – Helen realised she needed to bring a better awareness of Australia’s First Peoples to the general public. Working with local community members, there seemed no better way than through facilitating meetings with Indigenous people on their own country. By working with artists’ Art Centres, visitors could meet artists and be enveloped in art and culture in a mutually respectful environment.

Helen, a commercial pilto with twin engine and instrument ratings, has flown a diverse range of people across northwest Australia through Palya Art Tours (ex Didgeri Air Art Tours). Due to her support of the Art Centres, they in turn have supported Palya Art to hold exhibitions so that the public can learn more about Indigenous art and culture.

Unfortunately, Helen has been very ill in recent times and has been unable to work fully for several years, so she has decided to sell her collection. This, coupled with the re-development of the gallery’s South Melbourne premises, will give buyers on AMS an amazing opportunity, as these fine artworks have all been heavily discounted from their retail values.

Palya Art Tours and Palya Art will continue after this event once Helen is in better health. Meanwhile, Helen is delighted to support AMS and the Indigenous art market in Palya Art’s South Melbourne Gallery.

The Collection is also physically on view at 399 Clarendon St, South Melbourne, Wednesday to Sunday from 18th October for four weeks until 11th November, and online at

The official launch event is Wednesday 17th October, 6-8pm at 399 Clarendon St South Melbourne.

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